About Me

Hi, and welcome to my workshop,

This is where I cause all the damage. Oops, I mean this is where I create all the beautiful pieces of wood turned art.

As you can see I have a lot of tools and equipment and am quite proficient at making a mess. Most of the time out of that mess I manage to come out with a nice piece.

My interest in woodworking started at a very early age as a child building and repairing things with my father. After a long period of pursuing interests other than woodworking (about 15 years) I recently developed an interest in wood turning. This is not entirely a new interest as my dad had also done wood turning when I was a child. So it seems pretty natural that I developed a similar interest that I can have as a hobby as I prepare for retirement.

So this past May of 2013 I purchased a Nova 1624 lathe, and have been continually sinking more money into this endeavor ever since as I continue to learn. There always seems to be at least one more tool that you just have to have.

Over the last year I have learned a lot and have begun to accumulate quiet a few pieces. I am setting up this site to display and sell some of my wares.
Come back often as I continue turning and adding items to this site.


It is now 2016 and I thought a little update was in order:

I actually sold my house in November of 2014, and of course my shop went with it. Consequently I was without a shop, and more importantly without my lathe until December of 2015. We purchased a residence in Quesnel and moved up here in September of 2015. After moving I was very busy building a new shop so that I could rescue my tools and machinery from the dreaded storage unit.
I am now settling into a new to me home in a new to me town, and have retired from full time work. As a result I have much more time for wood turning and am looking forward to producing more items to display in my store.

I have also updated my shop pictures.

Thanks again,